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Upgrading the extension for Application Control 6.2.0 and later takes a long time to complete
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Last Modified:  10/10/2019


McAfee Application Control (MAC) 8.x.x, 7.0.x, 6.2.x


When upgrading the Solidcore extension, the Solidcore: Migration server task runs automatically as the last step of the upgrade process. For Application Control 6.2.0 (and later), the Solidcore: Migration server task can take a long time to complete. Sometimes, the task can take longer than a day. When the Solidcore: Migration server task is about 72% complete, the inventory tables are processed. Review the Automation, Server Task Log page and check the progress of the task and verify whether the task is processing inventory binaries. If the task is stuck, the following entry is listed on the Server Task Log page:
Started migration step 3: Migrating Solidcore Inventory Binary Paths


In version 6.2.0 (and later), schema changes were made to optimize performance. If the inventory tables in your enterprise contain a high volume of data, the migration task takes time to process the data. While the migration task runs, all background Application Control tasks are paused and no new processing happens.


If the migration task has been stuck for a while and you need help from Technical Support, complete the following tasks. Provide the required data with the Service Request:
  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the ePO database, select Reports, Standard Reports, and run the following reports:
    • Disk Usage by Top Tables
    • All Blocking Transaction
    • Top Transaction By Age
    • Top Transactions by Blocked Transaction Count
    • Top Transactions by Lock Count
  2. Provide a copy of the SCOR_CONFIG table from the ePO database.
  3. Create five outputs of the stack trace at an interval of 20 minutes and save the output as a text file.
  4. Provide a MER from the ePO server with debug logs enabled (when the migration task is stuck). For instructions to enable debug logging, see KB81604.
  5. Provide details of the running migration task as listed on the Server Task Log page.

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