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The XML page cannot be displayed (After applying the latest Vulnerability Manager patch, some component details are not available on the FCM console)
Technical Articles ID:   KB84751
Last Modified:  12/21/2018


McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) 7.5


After you update MVM to the latest patch, when you view some MVM components, you see the error:
The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later


The contents of the display folder have not been properly updated, fcm.ss and/or other files are missing.


  1. Open the <InstallDrive>\Foundstone\FCM\Display folder.
  2. View the contents of this drive. You should be able to see the following files:
    • fcm.css
    • AgentData.Xml
    • CertificateData.Xml
    • ComponentData.Xml
    • certificatedata.xsl
    • componentdata.xsl
    • trustedsystemdata.xsl
    • untrustedsystemdata.xsl
      If any of these files are missing then you will not be able to view the MVM Component Details properly. When you apply a patch to MVM, it takes a backup of the Display folder and places it in the <InstallDrive>\Foundstone\FCM\Packages\Display folder. You can use this backup to replace the missing files.
  3. Replace the missing files:
    1. Back up the contents of <InstallDrive>\Foundstone\FCM\Display folder.
    2. Copy the contents of  <InstallDrive>\Foundstone\FCM\Packages\Display folder to <InstallDrive>\Foundstone\FCM\Display folder and overwrite any existing files.
    3. Reboot the server.

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