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Comparison of Endpoint Security client interface features supported on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems
Technical Articles ID:   KB85006
Last Modified:  7/19/2018


McAfee Endpoint Security Firewall 10.6.x
McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention 10.6.x
McAfee Endpoint Security Web Control 10.6.x
McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac Firewall 10.5.x
McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac Threat Prevention 10.5.x
McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac Web Control 10.5.x

Microsoft Windows

For supported product environments, see KB82761 (Endpoint Security) and KB84934 (Endpoint Security for Mac).


Not all features and options available in the Endpoint Security Common Policy are supported by Endpoint Security for Mac. The following table shows the supported features for Mac and the differences between Endpoint Security and Endpoint Security for Mac. The following table represents supported features with the latest version of Endpoint Security for Mac.
NOTE: Features not supported on macOS are marked as "Windows only" in the extensions.
Feature Feature options Windows Mac
Client Interface Mode Full Access Yes Yes
Standard Access Yes Yes
Lock Client Interface Yes Yes
Uninstallation  Require password to uninstall the client Yes Yes
Time-Based Administrator Password Enable time-based password in client interface Yes No
Client Interface Language Language drop-down Yes No
Self-Protection Enable Self Protection Yes Yes
Files and Folders Yes Yes
Action (Block only, Report only, and Block and Report) Yes Yes
Registry Yes No
Processes Yes No
Exclude these Processes Yes No
Exclusions Specify processes to exclude from McAfee AAC protection Yes No
Certificates Select Allow to trust a vendor to run code within McAfee processes Yes No
Client Logging Log files location Yes No
Activity Logging Yes No
Debug logging - Enable for Threat Prevention1 Yes Yes
Debug logging - Enable for Firewall Yes Yes
Debug logging - Enable for Web Control   Yes Yes
Debug logging - Enable for Adaptive Threat Protection Yes No
Limit size (MB) of each of the debug log files Yes No
Event Logging Yes No
Proxy Server No proxy server Yes Yes
Use system proxy settings Yes Yes
Configure proxy server Yes Yes
Exclude these addresses Yes No
Default Client Update Enable the Update Now button in the client Yes No
Enable the Default Update task schedule in the client Yes Yes
What to update2 Yes No
Managed Tasks Display managed custom tasks Yes No
1 Selecting subject boxes under this option is supported only on Windows. 
2 Full update is performed on Mac.

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