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How to manually export and import Network Security Platform 8.1 policies
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Last Modified:  1/5/2018


McAfee Network Security Manager (NSM) 8.1


The Network Security Manager configuration table backup is only intended to be restored to the same version of the Manager. To perform an export, you must export your policies manually and then restore them to an updated Manager. 


Network Security Manager 8.1:
  1. Open the NSM.
  2. Select PolicyAdvancedPolicy Export.
  3. Select from the categories: 
    • Exceptions 
    • Firewall Policies 
    • Advanced Malware Policies 
    • IPS and Reconnaissance  
  4. Select all or individual policies.
  5. Click Export.

To import the policy
Network Security Manager 8.1:
  1. Open the NSM.
  2. Select Policy, AdvancedPolicy Import.
  3. Select from the categories:
    • Ignore Rules
    • Firewall Policies 
    • Advanced Malware Policies 
    • IPS and Reconnaissance 
  4. Browse to the file location and click Next.
  5. Select the policy to be imported.
  6. Click Save.

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