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Third-party services that use Java may not start properly after enabling Application Control and Change Control
Technical Articles ID:   KB85321
Last Modified:  4/9/2017


McAfee Application Control (MAC) 6.x
McAfee Change Control (MCC) 6.x
Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems (all supported versions)


When MAC/MCC is in a non-disabled state (Enabled, Update, or Observe mode), third-party application services that use Java may not start properly.


For 32-bit Windows systems, Java is limited to 1536MB of memory. If your Java application is set to run at this default maximum limit, the application service may not start after you enable MAC/MCC. After MAC/MCC is loaded, there is not enough memory space for the third-party application to fully use the assigned memory space.


To resolve this issue, Technical Support recommends that you modify the Java memory space for the third-party application (JvmMs and JvmMx values) to use less than the maximum values. This should allow the services for the application to start properly.

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