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McAfee Agent "Product update log file" option requirements
Technical Articles ID:   KB85549
Last Modified:  2/16/2018


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.x 


The Product update log file option is configurable through the McAfee Agent General policy on the Updates tab. This option allows you to specify a custom log location for product updates.

This option has the following requirements and limitations:
  • You must specify both a path and a file name.

    For example, if you want to create the log file at d:\logs\McScript.log, the correct entry is d:\logs\McScript. The extension .log is automatically added. The McScript.log file is not generated if you only enter a path but no file name, for example, d:\logs.
  • The path to the custom log specified must exist on the endpoint systems, or the custom log is not generated.

    For example, if you specify C:\Test\Update.log, the Update.log file is not created if the system running the update does not have a valid path to C:\Test\. The "Test" folder is not created if it did not previously exist.
  • The path to the custom log specified cannot contain Windows environment variables. The path must be fully specified to an existing location on the endpoints. For this reason, use a path that exists on all systems in the environment.

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