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McAfee Agent 5.x updates fail after removing files from /var/tmp
Technical Articles ID:   KB85898
Last Modified:  12/10/2015


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.x

Non-Windows operating systems:
Mac OS X


Updates to point products (for example, DAT file updates) fail after clearing temporary files located in /var/tmp/.msgbus. 

The McScript.log will contain the following errors:
2015-10-07 18:11:00 [25415] (16386) [msgbus] [I] Message bus request <0x887e558> lookup cb is invoked with status <516> from ep lookup <0x887ee18>
2015-10-07 18:11:00 [25415] (16386) [msgbus] [I] Received broker consumer, sending service <ma.service.scheduler> pipe name request msg 2015-10-07 18:11:00 [25415] (16386) [msgbus] [I] Name pipe connection callback with status <-1>
2015-10-07 18:11:00 [25415] (16386) [msgbus] [E] UV connect Failed - uv error <34> <no such file or directory>


This is caused by missing or deleted files located in /var/tmp/.msgbus on non-Windows machines. 

Confirm the issue by checking the contents of /var/tmp/.msgbus - if there are no files present in this location, this article likely applies. 


Do not remove files from /var/tmp/.msgbus. Although it is usually implied that files located in the /var/tmp/ location may be removed at will, the .msgbus folder must remain unaltered.

The McAfee Agent uses /var/tmp/.msgbus as the location for its message bus files due to the necessity to have a location that is accessible to both root and non-root processes on non-Windows systems. 


Restart the McAfee Agent services. Upon restart, new message bus files are created.

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