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User-defined on-demand scan tasks do not update the Date of Last Full Scan or Date of Last Quick Scan in Endpoint Security Threat Prevention
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Last Modified:  7/3/2019


McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) Threat Prevention 10.x


Custom on-demand scan (ODS) tasks do not update in Endpoint Security Threat Prevention Product Properties on the ePolicy Orchestrator System Details page. The Date of Last Full Scan and the Date of Last Quick Scan are updated only by the default policy-defined ODS tasks.
In the ods.xml file located on the client system, the times for the following two scan options do not change when the custom ODS task completes:
McAfee Agent extracts this information to populate the Product Properties for ENS Threat Prevention.


The functionality is working as intended.

The Full Scan or Quick Scan default tasks are the intended mechanism for determining ODS compliance. The capability of returning the last run time was never intended for custom ODS tasks, and therefore the backend infrastructure of the product does not support it either, meaning the functionality cannot be added without rewriting core components of the product.

If this capability is needed, please go to the Ideas forum and explain the use case(s) where the default tasks are inadequate solutions.

If you require a change to product functionality, submit a new product idea at:


The Ideas forum is accessible only to McAfee business and enterprise customers. To access the Ideas forum, click Sign In and enter either your McAfee ServicePortal (https://support.mcafee.com) or McAfee Community User ID and password. If you do not yet have a McAfee ServicePortal or McAfee Community account, click Register to register for a new account on either website.

For more information about product ideas, see KB60021.

NOTE: The Ideas forum replaces the previous Product Enhancement Request system.


Use the default policy-defined ODS tasks and modify the ENS Threat Prevention On-Demand Scan policy to fit the needs of your environment.

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