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ERROR: fshooks.c : 687: Could not validate filename OR filename is invalid: (DFS replication fails with Application and Change Control installed)
Technical Articles ID:   KB86846
Last Modified:  3/30/2016


McAfee Application Control (MAC) 7.x, 6.x


You install Application Control on a Domain Controller and set solidcore in Disabled mode. However DFS replication fails and setting Application Control to Update or Observe mode does not resolve the issue.

In the Application Control logs you see entries similar to the following: 
ERROR: fshooks.c   :  687: Could not validate filename OR filename is invalid: \System Volume Information\DFSR\Private\{79CE0A82-CBCB-4F98-95B6-92CB8F3E0E80}-{02B8BF25-13B9-4442-BC13-B7D018BE1C80}\Staging\ContentSet{79CE0A82-CBCB-4F98-95B6-92CB8F3E0E80}-{02B8BF25-13B9-4442-BC13-B7D018BE1C80}\38\60186-{6330BEBC-F3A5-4D2D-A6BE-D8F8D68AED80}-v60138-{6330BEBC-F3A5-4D2D-A6BE-D8F8D68AED80}-v60186-Downloading.frx


This issue is the result of long path lengths being incorrectly blocked.


To resolve this issue, upgrade to Application and Change Control 7.0 and configure the following sadmin feature to prevent long path lengths from being incorrectly blocked.
  1. Open a Solidcore command-line session and type sadmin recover and press ENTER.
  2. Type the ePolicy Orchestrator password to recover the Solidcore command-line session.
  3. Type sadmin config set SkipValidateFileLength=1 and press ENTER.
  4. Put the system back into lockdown mode to continue being managed by ePolicy Orchestrator:
    Type sadmin lockdown and press ENTER.
    IMPORTANT: If you do not lock down the Solidcore command-line, ePolicy Orchestrator will not be able to manage Solidcore.
You can also perform the same steps through ePolicy Orchestrator to push this change out to several systems at once.
  1. Open the ePO manager.
  2. Create a Client task.
  3. Select the Solidcore Command-line task.
  4. Paste the following command into the task:
    sadmin config set SkipValidateFileLength=1
  5. Push the task to the clients.

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