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On non-Windows systems, McAfee Agent 5.x is unable to listen for wake-up calls on ports lower than 1024
Technical Articles ID:   KB86939
Last Modified:  6/18/2018


McAfee Agent 5.x
Non-Windows systems

For details of MA supported environments, see KB51573.


If the agent wake-up call port is lower than 1024, agents on non-Windows systems fail to receive wake-up calls.

The macmnsvc.log records errors similar to the following when the agent starts:
http_server.Debug: Http server starting
http_server.Debug: Http Server listening on port <591>
http_server.Warning: Error starting http_server - libuv err: ('permission denied' EACCES)


In McAfee Agent 5.x, the non-Windows agent runs some processes as a non-root user. Previous versions of the agent ran everything as root. 

The range of ports up to 1024 are considered privileged ports, and on UNIX or Linux systems, only root can open a privileged port for listening.


This behavior is expected with MA 5.x. In non-Windows environments running McAfee Agent 5.x, you must choose a non-privileged port for the agent wake-up call port that is higher than 1024.


MA 5.0.5 and later include a new installer option that installs the agent in a root mode, in which all processes run as root, allowing the agent to listen on ports below 1024. 

To install the agent in root mode, use the -r switch when installing the agent: install.sh -i -r

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