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(14005) Internal antivirus filter error (when using Web Gateway GAM engine 2014 or later with the option "Enable detection for potential unwanted programs" enabled)
Technical Articles ID:   KB86952
Last Modified:  12/20/2018


McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) 7.x
McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware (GAM) engine 2014 (and later)


When running GAM engine 2014 (and later) with the option Enable detection for potential unwanted programs enabled, scanning fails with the following error:
Error Message: (14005) Internal antivirus filter error: scanning failed.


If there is a parsing issue (for example, if the domain name contains incorrect syntax), the GAM engine will report the 14005 error in the MWG log. If there is an error with the URL, Web Gateway will return the 14005 error to the user with a block page.

Additionally, starting with GAM engine 2014 the scanning behavior has been changed. Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) cloud lookups are critical to GAM engine for establishing context that allows it to classify files accurately and to reduce the risk of false positives. For more details and for instructions to enable GTI cloud lookups, see KB85830.


To change the GAM engine behavior to allow the request if the 14005 error occurs:
  1. Log on to the Web Gateway user interface.
  2. Navigate to Policy, Rule Sets, Error Handler.
  3. Add a rule in the Block on All Errors rule set with the following settings:
    • Name: Stop rule set on 14005
    • Criteria: Error.ID equals 14005
    • Action: Stop Rule Set
  4. Move the new rule to the top position.
  5. If your Web Gateway uses the Block on Anti-Malware Engine Errors rule set, you can optionally copy the rule you created, paste the rule into this rule set, and move the rule to the top position.

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