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ePolicy Orchestrator 5.9.x Known Issues
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Last Modified:  7/8/2019


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.9.x


Recent updates to this article
Date Update
July 8, 2019 Added ePO 5.9.1 Hotfix 1267793 (General Availability).
Added reference 1267793 to the Critical known issues section.
July 2, 2019 Added ePO 5.9.1 Hotfix 1271813 (General Availability).
Added reference 1271813 to the critical section.
June 26, 2019 Removed reference to a hotfix that is planned for release in July.
March 28, 2019 Added reference 1264466 to the Critical known issues section.
March 21, 2019 Added reference 1247027 to the Non-critical issues section.

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Release Information
ePO Version
General Availability (GA)
Release Notes
ePO 5.9.1 Hotfix 1267793 (GA)
July 5, 2019 PD28329
ePO 5.9.1 Hotfix 1271813 (GA)
July 2, 2019 PD28391
ePO 5.9.1 Hotfix 1260432 (GA)
December 13, 2018 (Repost)
November 27, 2018
ePO 5.9.1 and 5.3.3 Hotfix 1248224 (GA)
August 14, 2018 PD27910
ePO 5.9.1 Hotfix 1226775 (GA)
February 15, 2018 PD27530
5.9.1 (GA) November 30, 2017 PD27290
5.9.0 Hotfix 1202868 (GA)
July 27, 2017 PD27195
5.9.0 Hotfix 1193951 (GA)
May 18, 2017 PD27089
5.9.0 (GA) March 15, 2017 PD26913

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Known Issues

IMPORTANT: McAfee changed the Java Runtime Environment in ePolicy Orchestrator on November 30, 2017.

For details about the affected versions and mitigation, see KB89799: Legacy ePolicy Orchestrator installs are distributed without a Java Runtime Environment.

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Reference Number Related Article Found in Version Fixed in Version Issue Description
1267793 SB10286 5.9.0 5.9.1
Hotfix 1267793
Issue: TLS issue between ePolicy Orchestrator Agent Handler and SQL Server (CVE-2019-3619). Traffic between the Agent Handler and the SQL Server is not encrypted when 'db.properties' is configured to 'Require TLS'  and SSL is not set  to 'Force Encryption'.
1271813 KB91486 5.9.0 5.9.1
 Hotfix 1271813
Issue: Security advisory issued by Oracle for Java vulnerability CVE-2019-2602. For details, click here

Resolution: This hotfix updates ePO JRE to,
1264466 KB91404 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: Periodic application crash on apache.exe when forwarding events to a syslog server.
1262303  KB91138 5.9.1 Hotfix 1260432 5.9.1
Hotfix 1260432
Issue: The following error is displayed at the ePO Logon page after you install HF1260432 and restart the ePO services:
" Mar-workspace - Plug-in mar-workspace is missing dependency: CloudLink"
1241081 KB90862 5.9.0 5.10.0  Issue: Unable to access the ePO console logon page, when debug level logging is enabled on the Orion.log.
1248224 KB90770 5.9.1
Issue: On July 17, 2018, Oracle issued a security advisory outlining multiple vulnerabilities that affect Java SE version 1.8.0_172 or earlier. From the list, the following two are related to ePO: CVE-2018-2942 and CVE-2018-2952.

Resolution: This hotfix updates ePO JRE to v1.8.0_181.
1094844 KB85924 5.3.0 5.10.0
Issue: When deleting a policy assignment, the request can be inadvertently submitted twice, resulting in the next policy assignment in the inheritance tree being deleted. 

Resolution: To prevent this issue from occurring, apply ePO 5.9.x Hotfix 1241557 or ePO 5.10

Workaround: For how to address the issue if it has already occurred. See the Related Article for details.
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1222593 KB90182 5.9.1 5.10.0

Issue: Agent-server communication fails after migrating Agent Handler certificates from SHA-1 to SHA-2.

Solution: See the related article.
1223092 KB90271 5.9.0 5.10.0

Issue: The apache.exe application crashes after assigning a large policy when MA 4.8 is present in the environment.

Solution: See the related article.
Reference Number Related Article Found in Version Fixed in Version Issue Description
1247027 KB91371 5.9.1 5.10.0 Update 3 Issue: Using a permission set-based user to modify multi-slot policy assignment results in an unexpected error.

Workaround: Modify the multi-slot policy assignment using an account with global administrator rights. 
1184021 KB88818 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: If you fail over a clustered installation of ePO 5.3.1, 5.3.2, or 5.9.0, the new active node on the cluster is unable to authenticate to the ePO database. You must access the core/configuration page and enter the database password.
1179253 - 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: The IP address tag criteria selection does not work for "On each agent-server communication."

Workaround: This issue was observed with IP address criteria only. If the tag criteria is edited and the same criteria (IP address) is applied again, the tag is successfully applied on the next agent-server communication.
1178820 - 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: The Apache Version in Server Info is blank if ePO is installed on a non-system drive.

Workaround: If you select the Server Settings, Server Info page, the version is displayed as expected and saved. The issue will not occur the next time you edit the page.
1128442 - 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: Unable to use the default Getting Started page if you previously deleted the My Group group from the System Tree.

Workaround: Use an alternative workflow, such as product deployment client tasks.
1121302 - 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: When a Simplified Deployment task is flagged for uninstall, McAfee Agent is also flagged for uninstall.

Workaround: Use another workflow, such as deployment tasks, to uninstall products.
1173268 - 5.3.1 5.10.0 Issue: Users can delete events generated by systems to which they do not have access.

Workaround: Use a global administrator account to purge events.
115744 - 5.9.0 5.10.0 Issue: The Help file included with ePO 5.9.0 includes an Archive Events section, but this product feature was not implemented in ePO 5.9.0, and the corresponding product guides have all been updated to remove this section.

Workaround: Ignore this section of the Help, as it is in error. Help will be updated in a future release to remove this section.

NOTE: The Archive Events feature might or might not be introduced in a future release of ePO.
1228073 - 5.9.1 5.10.0 Issue: Group query in ENSTP event based on source process Signer results in error
1226662 - 5.9.0
Issue: Assigned Multi-Slot Policies go missing when set to Disable. Category disappears from the Assigned policies list, with no means to return the Category to the list.

Resolution: HF1241557 is posted to the download site. See the Related Information section for details.
1217471 - 5.9.0
Issue: Hidden audit policies are unexpectedly appearing on the Policy Catalog page.

Resolution: HF1241557 is posted to the download site. See the Related Information section for details.
1241557 - 5.3.0 5.3.0
Issue: Deleting a policy assignment on a single system, resulted in the same product policy/category getting its policy assignment deleted from the My Organization level. Which leads to client systems receiving the My Default policy inherited from the Global Root.

Resolution: HF1241557 is posted to the download site. See the Related Information section for details.
1177554 KB89317 5.3.0 5.3.3
Issue: ePolicy Orchestrator cannot communicate with a SQL Server if TLS 1.0 is disabled.
1205176 KB90276 5.9.0 5.9.1 Issue: In ePO 5.9.0, "EPOAGENT" displays in the system properties instead of the correct property values.
1197173 KB89218 5.9.0
5.9.1 Issue: A clean install or upgrade of ePO from version 5.3.2 to 5.9 fails with the following error:
User 'XXXXXX' does not have permission to run DBCC freeproccache.

The following is recorded in the MSI log:
EPO590CALog: epoST.err: C:\Program Files (x86)\
McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\extensions\
The following error occurred while executing this line:
EPO590CALog: epoST.err: C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\extensions\installed\
EPOCore\\install.xml:181: java.sql.SQLException: User 'XXXXXXX' does not have permission to run DBCC freeproccache.
1213009 KB90948 5.9.0 5.10 Issue: The 'Reported Date' for an installed product in ePO 5.9.x displays incorrect date information.

Workaround: McAfee investigated this issue and a Proof of Concept (POC) Build is available to resolve this issue, for ePO 5.9.x. See the related article for details.
1170042 - 5.3.2 - Issue: "Fixed" type product deployments cannot not have client tasks associated to a specific System Tree group.

Workaround: Use an alternative workflow such as a deployment task or a continuous product deployment.
817898 - 5.1.0 - Issue: User-based Policy Assignment Rules are not enforced for users in child domains.
KB84628 5.9.0 n/a Issue: If you use an encrypted SQL connection for ePO and you apply a hotfix or update that increments Java, the new Java installation does not have the correct certificates in the Java trusted certificates store.

Resolution: Implement KB84628 Solution 4 to import the certificates in the new Java trusted certificate store.
1103325 - 5.9.0 n/a Issue: The wrong catalog version is downloaded from ePO as part of manifest.xml.

Resolution: Use a lazy-cached super-agent-repository to avoid this issue.
1069278 - 5.9.0 n/a Issue: The agent installation URL generated using the remote command ComputerMgmt.createAgentDeploymentUrlCmd fails to allow file download.

Resolution: Use the graphical user interface to generate the agent installation URL.
1163947 KB88000 5.9.0 n/a Issue: You see the following error during ePO installation:
Setup was unable to access the SQL UDP port 1434 on the specified SQL Server

Resolution: See the related article.
1173148 KB90379 5.9.0 n/a Issue: Unable to group by event product code.

Resolution: After you upgrade to a new version of ePO, some of the columns can be renamed or removed. In such scenarios, the upgrade flow edits existing query definitions in the database. The queries that are already exported to a file have older definitions, and do not work in newer versions of ePO. You must create a query in such scenarios.
1063461 KB85013 5.1.1 n/a Issue: A client task might continue to report In Progress even after the task has completed.

Resolution: This behavior is expected. See the related article.
KB90800 5.1.1 n/a Issue: When you check in bundles with extension dependencies, the dependent extensions can be indefinitely listed as updating. The extension installation is successful; but, because the extension is labeled as updating, you receive an error when you try to uninstall the extension using the Software Manager.

Resolution: To remove the updating status, see the related article.
968675 - 5.1.1 n/a Issue: The client task object structure changed in ePO 5.1.1, so that the EPOTaskObject table in the ePO database now has a different set of columns from all previous versions. This change was made to support newly added parameters for the new architecture. As a result, client task sharing is not supported from ePO 5.1.1 (or later) to any earlier version of ePO (for example, 5.1.x, 5.0.x). Client task sharing still works between ePO 5.1.1 servers and later.

Resolution: Disable client task sharing until all McAfee ePO server are migrated to ePO 5.1.1 (or later), and then re-enable sharing.
917943 KB77920 5.1.0  n/a Issue: Page buttons display in the ePO 5.x System Tree after upgrading from ePO 4.6.4 or later.

Resolution: Clear the browser cache. See the related article for details.
913365 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: It is not explicitly stated in the Custom URL Viewer monitor dialog that only input that contains the full URL is acceptable.

Resolution: Type the full URL into the Custom URL Viewer monitor dialog.
848248 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: VirusScan Enterprise Access Protection blocks the functionality of the Upgrade Compatibility Utility.

Resolution: If you have VirusScan Enterprise on your source or target systems, disable the Access Protection feature during the installation.
823342 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: The Software Manager features Check in all and Automatic Product Download do not support product extension packages that contain multiple ZIP components (for example, Host Intrusion Prevention and MRA). This fact might give the impression that all extensions are up to date when they are not.

Resolution: Download the extensions for Host Intrusion Prevention and MRA and check them in manually.
816475 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: The McAfee ePO server Snapshot status does not change to the orange Snapshot is Out of Date status when you remove an Agent Handler from a remote system.

Resolution: The issue resolves itself within five minutes.
813461 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: When you cancel the migration utility before a migration is complete, the Program Files (x86)\ePolicy Orchestrator folder and some registry keys are left behind on the target system.

Resolution: Delete the ePO installation folder and the registry keys from the target system.
780095 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: When you use a web browser to access the Web API directly, the browser caches credentials, potentially leading to a privilege escalation. If a privilege escalation occurred, users might be granted access to data or commands for which they are not authorized.

Resolution: The purpose of the Web API is for programmatic automation of tasks. If you choose to use a web browser to access the Web API directly (for example, https://servername:port/remote/core.help), close your browser window after you have finished to clear your cached credentials.
763783 - 5.1.0 n/a Issue: When you check in a different major product version when an existing product and hotfix are checked in to ePO 5.3, the hotfix is deleted.

Resolution: Move the hotfix to a different branch before you check in a new package. Or, you could check the hotfix back into the repository after you check in the major version.

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