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FAQs for the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 Patch 8 repost
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Last Modified:  9/19/2016


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8.0 Patch 8


VSE 8.8.0 Patch 8 was reposted on September 19, 2016. This article answers commonly asked questions about the reposting.

Why was VSE 8.8.0 Patch 8 reposted?
The Patch 8 repost resolves an issue that affected the Installation Designer software, and prevented using the originally posted Patch 8 package from being customized.

Is the original posted package still supported?
Yes, it is fully supported.

What is different between the original and reposted packages?
Functionally there are no differences. Operationally, there is a difference in the reported build number for VSE:
  • The original posted package was build
  • This reposted package is build
Will the reposted package impact my environment?
Customers who check for compliance based on version and patch level are unaffected. If you rely on the build number of the product, rather than just the patch level, you are affected because the build number is different.

Can I continue deploying the prior Patch 8 release package?
Yes, it is fully supported. Only customers who need to use the Installation Designer are required to use the reposted package.

Why does the reposted Patch 8 package not show as 'new' in Software Manager?
The Software Manager will highlight the Available Version (in red text) as a difference but that alone is not enough for Software Manager to flag it as a new package or product. This is expected behavior.

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