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McAfee Agent fails to communicate with ePolicy Orchestrator, multiple errors recorded in logs
Technical Articles ID:   KB88041
Last Modified:  7/5/2018


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.0.x
ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


Communication between MA and the ePO server fails.

The following error is recorded in the masvc_<machine name>.log on the client:
2016-08-23 22:30:30.677 (58.-1552429056) ahclient.Info: Network library rc = <1008>, Agent handler reports response code <503>.
2016-08-23 22:30:30.677 (58.-1552429056) ahclient.Info: Agent handler reports server busy. response code 503.
2016-08-23 22:30:30.677 (58.-1552429056) ahclient.Info: Spipe connection response received, network return code = 1008, response code 503.
2016-08-23 22:30:30.677 (58.-1552429056) property.Info: Published property collect and send status message
2016-08-23 22:30:30.677 (58.-1552429056) ahclient.Info: Agent communication session closed

The Server_<machine name>.log on the ePO server (or the remote Agent Handler that the client is attempting to communicate with) records the following errors:
20160826114517 I #09180 NAIMSERV Processing agent props for <machine name>
20160826114517 E #09180 NAIMSERV servdal.cpp(1911): Failed to load props.xml file
20160826114517 E #09180 NAIMSERV servdal.cpp(2155): Modify agent props failed!
20160826114517 E #09180 NAIMSERV AgentServerCommHandler.cpp(691): Failed to process agent request


During Agent to ePO server communications, the Agent sends a set of properties collected from the client operating system and any point products that are installed. These errors occur if one of these properties is invalid or malformed.  


Starting with McAfee Agent 5.0.5, the properties collected by the agent will now be scanned. To prevent failed agent to server communications, any invalid properties will be removed before the agent attempts to communicate with ePO.

This issue is resolved in McAfee Agent 5.0.5, which is available from the Product Downloads site at: http://mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx

NOTE: You need a valid Grant Number for access. KB56057 provides additional information about the Product Downloads site, and alternate locations for some products.

Updates are cumulative; Technical Support recommends that you install the latest one.


Corrupt properties can come from multiple locations; workarounds for this issue depend on which property is corrupt. For example, if the agent is picking up a corrupt property from one of the installed point products, then the workaround might be to fix the point product corruption (either by removing the property file, reinstalling the point product, or by contacting support for this point product).

If the corrupt property is coming from the McAfee Agent, you might be able to work around this issue by removing the agent and reinstalling it.

To identify which property file is corrupt:
  1. Review the server logs on the ePO server or Agent handler where the client machine is attempting to communicate.
  2. Enable Log Level 8 logging on the ePO server or Agent Handler, then reproduce the agent to server communication issue. See KB56207 for instructions.
  3. Immediately open and review the server log on the ePO server or Agent Handler and locate the Failed to load props.xml error that occurs when the client attempts to communicate.
  4. Review the extra log activity for information on what property failed to load.

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