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How to collect the Minimum Escalation Requirements file for Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention
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Last Modified:  11/5/2019


McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention (ENSLTP) 10.x


The Minimum Escalation Requirements (MER) tool collects data from the Linux system so that Technical Support can analyze and resolve a problem.

To collect the MER file from a command-line session, run the following command:
  • For ENSLTP 10.6.6 and later:

    # /opt/McAfee/ens/tp/scripts/mfetp-mer.sh
  • For ENSLTP 10.6.5 and earlier:

    # /opt/isec/ens/threatprevention/bin/ISecTPMerTool.sh
NOTE: Characters are case sensitive.

The following command creates a file in your present working directory:
  • For ENSLTP 10.6.6 and later:

  • For ENSLTP 10.6.5 and earlier:

Send the MER file to Technical Support for further analysis.

To contact Technical Support, log on to the ServicePortal and go to the Create a Service Request page at https://support.mcafee.com/ServicePortal/faces/serviceRequests/createSR:
  • If you are a registered user, type your User Id and Password, and then click Log In.
  • If you are not a registered user, click Register and complete the required fields. Your password and logon instructions will be emailed to you.

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