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How to migrate policies and systems from one ePolicy Orchestrator server to another
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Last Modified:  1/29/2019


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.x


In some circumstances, you might need to move your policies and systems from one McAfee ePO server to another. This article details important settings and what you need to transfer between McAfee ePO servers to minimize disruption in your environment.

NOTE: Events, Threat Events, and any information saved in the SQL database is not transferred to the new McAfee ePO server.

Before you begin
Review the ePO minimum supported product extensions and if needed, upgrade those products in your environment before any migration: Migration
  1. Install a clean copy of the same or later version of ePO on another server. For links to Installation Guides and Best Practice Guides, see the Related Information section of this article.
  2. When the install is complete, export the following:
    • Export the System Tree as a .txt file:
      1. From the System Tree, select My Organization, System Tree Actions, Export Systems, All systems in this group.
      2. Select Export as .txt.
    • Export the policies (ensure that the extensions are the same on both ePO instances).
      1. Navigate to the Policy Catalog and click Export.
      2. Download the file as XML.
    • Export the policy assignment on the System Tree.
      1. From the System Tree, select Assigned Policies.
      2. Click Actions, Export all assignments, and download the file.
    • Export the client tasks on the System Tree:
      1. From the System Tree, select Assigned client task, then click Actions.
      2. Select Export all System Tree assignments and download the file.
    • Export any preconfigured queries and reports:
      1. Navigate to Queries and Reports and select the required report.
      2. Click Actions, Export queries, and download the file.
  3. Import to the new McAfee ePO server:
    • For Policies, Assigned Policies, Assigned Client Tasks, and Queries and Reports, follow the same steps used for the export, but click Import instead.
    • For the System Tree:
      1. From the System Tree, select New Systems.
      2. Select the option 
      3. Click Browse and navigate to the exported System Tree list.
      4. If needed, change the options for Import from file and Systems that exist elsewhere in the System Tree.
      5. Click OK. Systems are imported into the System Tree.
  4. Deploy McAfee Agent from the new McAfee ePO server, and force the installation over the existing versions.

    Or, you can transfer the systems from one ePO instance to the other using the steps in KB79283.

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