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How to force policy reflection on MOVE Antivirus Agentless NSX Manager
Technical Articles ID:   KB88843
Last Modified:  6/17/2019


McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE)
MOVE Antivirus (AV) Agentless 4.5, 4.0, 3.6.1


The steps below are provided to assist with manually forcing policy to be reflected on the MOVE AV Agentless NSX Manager:
  1. Successfully perform a vCenter Connector Sync. For further information regarding vCenter visit VMware.
  2. Go to the MOVE Antivirus Deployment Page (for MOVE 4.0 and later) or MOVE Antivirus Page (for MOVE 3.6.1).
  3. Under Configuration, go to the NSX Manager Registration Page.
  4. Under Action choose Edit.
  5. Re-enter the NSX Manager details, including NSX Manager Username, Password. Validate the credentials.
  6. When the validation is successful, save the details.
  7. Now create a duplicate MOVE Antivirus On-Access Scan Policy (for MOVE 4.0 and later) or MOVE Agentless Scan policy (for MOVE 3.6.1) and ensure that the policy is reflected on the NSX Manager.

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