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How to deploy MOVE Antivirus Agentless without installing the vShield drivers on endpoints
Technical Articles ID:   KB88855
Last Modified:  3/6/2017


McAfee MOVE Antivirus (AV) Agentless 4.5, 4.0


This article provides a workaround to use when attempting to deploy MOVE AV Agentless, in a vCNS environment, without installing vShield drivers.


To avoid installing the vShield Driver on endpoints during MOVE AV Agentless deployment in a vCNS environment, perform the following steps:
  1. Add the endpoints to the domain.
  2. Launch the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) console.
  3. Go to Menu, Configuration, Registered Servers and remove the domain from ePO Registered Servers.
  4. Deploy MOVE AV Agentless to the endpoints and allow deployment to complete. The vShield driver installation will fail, but the MOVE AV Agentless deployment will be successful.
  5. When deployment completes, add the domain back to the ePO Registered Servers.
NOTE: When the deployment has completed, the notification Completed With Errors will display and any EICAR tests will fail.

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