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ePolicy Orchestrator Pre-Installation Auditor Known Issues
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Last Modified:  8/27/2019


McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Pre-Installation Auditor (PIA)

NOTE: Pre-Installation Auditor tool was previously known as the Installation and Upgrade Precheck tool.


Recent updates to this article:
Date Update
August 27, 2019 Added TSET-4108 to the critical section.
July 23, 2019 Added:
  • Reference EPO-6488 to the critical section. 
  • PIA to the Release Information table.
Updated the solution section for reference EPO-6549 in the critical section to show build resolves the problem.
July 22, 2019 Added reference EPO-6549 to the critical section.
December 5, 2018 Added new references: 1258139, 1255499, 1258515, 1254740, and 1257036 that are resolved with PIA
September 18, 2018 Added PIA to the "Product Release" section. Updated issues 1252001 and 1253067 as resolved in PIA, in the "Non-critical known issues" section.

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Product Release
Product Version Release Date Release Notes *
PIA July 22, 2019 n/a
PIA December 5, 2018 n/a
PIA September 18, 2018 n/a
PIA August 28, 2018 n/a
PIA August 14, 2018 PD27907
PIA March 1, 2018 n/a
PIA December 14, 2017 n/a
PIA September 6, 2017 n/a
PIA April 26, 2017 n/a
PIA March 15, 2017 n/a
PIA March 14, 2017 PD26929

* Only major builds of the PIA tool are released with updated Release Notes.

Issue resolutions in updates and major releases are cumulative; Technical Support recommends that you install the latest version. To find the most recent release for your product, visit the Product Downloads site at http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/downloads.aspx.

  • Before you install ePO, McAfee recommends that, for standalone use of the PIA tool, you always download the latest ePO PIA tool from either:
  • The ePO PIA tool is bundled with the ePO installer starting in ePO 5.10.0. For the ePO 5.10.0 installer to use the latest ePO PIA tool, follow the steps below:​
    1. Download the ePO PIA tool from one of the locations stated above.
    2. Unzip the PIA tool and copy the executable to the folder where ePO installation files are copied.
    3. Move or copy the existing PIA tool executable to a different folder. Also, copy the new PIA tool file to the ePO installer directory.
    4. ​Run the ePO installer (setup.exe) and follow the instructions.

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Issue Description
EPO-6549 KB91682 Issue: When running Pre-Installation Auditor tool version, the Installation fails with the error
"Found corrupted files".

Resolution: Pre-Installation Auditor (posted July 22, 2019) contains updated signed certificates which resolve this issue. The updated tool is now available as a standalone package from the McAfee Download Site, and the ePO Software Catalog, and can be installed in the normal way.

Workaround: See the Related article for details.
EPO-6488 KB91589 Issue: PIA crashed while doing database checks, when the database name was more than 50 characters long. 

Resolution: PIA now Correctly handles database names longer than 50 characters
1258139 KB91033 Issue: PIA crashed while checking DB collations.
TSET-4108 KB91798 - Issue: PIA crash when running checks with Pre-Installation Auditor Event log records the error:
"Faulting application name ePIP.exe"
Issue Description
1257036 - 3.0 Issue: Running the PIA tool against the SQL database disables the xp_cmdshell, causing an outage for other applications.

Resolution: The Preinstall auditor tool now turns off xp_cmdshell when run against the SQL Server.
1254740 - - Issue: The PIA check named 'Database High Availability/Disaster Recovery' points to the wrong article.
Resolution: The update now points to KB86152.
1258515  - - Issue: PIA tool shows a failure for the high availability check if HADR is enabled on the SQL Server. It shows this failure even though the ePO DB is not part of the HADR group. (HADR is High Availability/Disaster Recovery.)
1255499 - - Issue: PIA tool runs against SQL 2016 or later, shows a warning for trace flag 1118, though the trace flag 1118 is not applicable for SQL 2016 and later.
1252001 - Issue: PIA incorrectly shows a database compatibility level of 100 as a pass when checking for an upgrade to ePO 5.10.
- Issue: A SQL Collation check, which is needed for ePO 5.10, is missing from PIA.
1250023 - Issue: A keystore validation error displays if the ca.keystore size is 1024 and the server.keystore size is 2048. (Errors display when you run the ePO PIA tool.)
1240766 - 2.2.0 Issue: Using a domain account to connect to the SQL Server fails when not using the default port, even when the correct port is displayed.
1235726 - 2.0.0 Issue: ePO upgrade is interrupted when ePO Database mirroring is enabled during an upgrade.
1221922 - 2.2.0 Issue: A 'Local user group ePO Pre Checker Grp' created by PIA after entering the Windows account for ePO database connection is not deleted.
1182562 KB88745 Issue: ePO installer does not continue the installation process if a required Windows update is not installed correctly. (Happens if some Windows updates are not present on the server.)
1226131 - Issue: While running checks, PIA stops working (crashes) in some environments.

ePIPAPI.log records the following entries:
  • No file rename operations are pending,
  • Msg (Cannot create a file when that file exists)
Application event log records the following:
Application Error,
Application crash event: 1000,
Faulting application name: ePIP.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5964ab59 
Faulting module name: ePIP.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5964ab59
Exception code: 0xc0000005 
Fault offset: 0x0012af59 
Faulting process id: 0xdd0 
Faulting application start time: 0xePIP.exe0 
Faulting application path: ePIP.exe
Faulting module path: ePIP.exe
1227048 - Issue: PIA fails to connect to SQL in some environments, even though valid information is provided. The following error displays:
Database connection failed. Check your configuration
1222455 KB90185 Issue: PIA 2.2 stops working (crashes) while collecting SQL information.
1197370 - Issue: PIA could stop working when run in the McAfee ePO server.
1198152 - Issue: RSA check is missing from the PIA checklist.
1184061 - Issue: PIA could stop working when changing the password in the tool.
1199491 - Issue: PIA returns incorrect platform/ePO version information about Japanese Windows operating systems.
1176225 - - Issue: The upgrade time displays an incorrect output if the ePO data is unusually large.

Cause: The ePO upgrade process takes a backup of vital folders. Generally, with a good configuration computer and little data in the ePO DB folder, this process takes about 30 minutes to totally upgrade ePO. It then continues to the database upgrade.

If the configuration data in the DB folder or on the computer is low-end or unusually large, backup can take an extended amount of time. These scenarios were not considered while calculating the expected upgrade time, so incorrect estimate data can display.
1184020 - - Issue: Installation Auditor is unable to obtain local administrator rights to the SQL Server, if a clustered SQL Server is used. The ePO PIA tool does not accept the load balancer credentials of the clustered database. PIA does not move to the checks page.

Cause: If a clustered SQL Server is used, PIA tries to authenticate to the virtual IP/Name of the cluster, because that is what ePO uses to connect to the cluster. PIA must connect to the actual active node of the SQL cluster to complete the checks.

NOTE: Currently, Installation Auditor is not supported on clustered SQL servers. We are evaluating including support in a future release.
1175859  KB87731  Issue: The SQL Server system RSA compatibility check fails, even if the cipher order is correct and all Microsoft updates are applied.

Cause: The logic of the check is incorrect, causing the check to fail in some environments.
1188877   -  Issue: ePO PIA reports that ePO 5.9 is not supported on Windows Server 2016.

Workaround: Ignore this warning; ePO 5.9 is supported on Windows Server 2016. 
1189632 - Issue: PIA stops working, or crashes, when trying to export results in some environments.
1189431  - Issue: PIA is unable to find the version for SQL 2016 Express.
1189085  - Issue: The "SQL Server System RSA compatibility" check is missing when PIA runs on computers without ePO installed.
1188290 - Issue: The PIA tool crashes when initiating checks in some environments.
1189634 - Issue: The Change Password button is enabled, even when the passwords do not match.
1188991  - Issue: The ePO Installed Version drop-down field is editable in the PIA tool, but must not be.

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