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How to resolve issues of false redirection when using the McAfee Client Proxy
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Last Modified:  5/24/2018


McAfee SaaS Web Protection


When using the McAfee Client Proxy (MCP) agent, users may see false redirection of traffic to sites in foreign countries. This can happen because of the default roaming host in the MCP Policy.

The default host wpsproxy.mcafeesaas.com is a roaming host which will direct the user to the nearest McAfee SAAS Web Protection Data Center. This is by design because the MCP agent is intended for traveling users.

To resolve this issue for users that will not be leaving a specific geographic location, change the default host in the MCP Policy to the local proxy host for the domain:

  1. Log on to the Control Console.
  2. Click Web Protection, Policies.
  3. Select McAfee Client Proxy Policies.
  4. Double-click the appropriate policy set.
  5. Click the Proxy Servers tab.
  6. Change the existing Proxy Server Address to the local proxy host (Example: domain.com.web01.mxlogic.net).
  7. Click Save. The OPG file will need to be replaced with the new file on the client machines. This change will direct web traffic to the newly designated local host and the user will not see redirection to other data centers.

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