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TIE Server response to CVE-2017-6874 (not vulnerable)
Technical Articles ID:   KB89031
Last Modified:  10/23/2018


McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange Server (TIE) 2.0, 1.x


This article describes a potential vulnerability of the TIE Server that would allow local users to cause a denial of service (use-after-free and system crash), or possibly have unspecified other effects via crafted system calls that leverage certain decrement behavior; this behavior causes incorrect interaction between put_ucounts and get_ucounts.


This vulnerability is caused by a race condition in the kernel source file kernel.c or ucount.c.


Engineering has determined that TIE Server is not vulnerable.  

McAfee Linux is not affected because the affected kernel source code was not added until after kernel 4.4 (MLOS2 uses 3.18),  and MLOS3 uses 4.4. RedHat and Debian have also confirmed that their kernel is not affected.

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