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McAfee Anti-Malware 5900 Engine phased rollout for Web Gateway
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Last Modified:  12/20/2018


McAfee Web Gateway (MWG) 7.x
McAfee Anti-Malware 5900 Engine


This article contains information about the 5900 Anti-Malware Scan Engine release.

McAfee will initially release the 5900 Scan Engine updates for elective downloads (Beta). This allows you to automatically upgrade your MWG at the earliest date for urgent upgrades. The Scan Engine is then placed on the AutoUpdate posting schedule documented below, which means that MWG will automatically update to the new release.

Release schedule for the 5900 Anti-Malware Scan Engine
Phase Date starts Week day starts Applies to
Beta April 12, 2017 Wednesday Beta only
Phase 1 April 24, 2017 Monday ~30% of nodes
Phase 2 April 26, 2017 Wednesday ~30% of nodes
Phase 3 April 28, 2017 Friday ~30% of nodes

Beta program
Contact Technical Support if you want to use the beta version.

Rolling back to an earlier version
Contact Technical Support if a rollback is required due to system stability.

Stopping automatic updates
To stop MWG from automatically upgrading to the latest posted Scan Engine:
  1. Open the MWG user interface.
  2. Navigate to ConfigurationAppliancesCentral ManagementAutomatic Engine Updates.
  3. Deselect Automatic Engine Updates.

5900 Anti-Malware Scan Engine (Current)
The 5900 Scan Engine includes the following improvements:
  • Enhanced support of JavaScript to detect more threats
  • Improved support for the Microsoft Office (OLE) file format
  • Improved unpacking of Dotfuscator and MPRESS packed files
  • Performance optimizations around initialization and scanning

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