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Data Exchange Layer Brokers and Clients require equivalent or greater Extension versions to function correctly
Technical Articles ID:   KB89090
Last Modified:  4/14/2017


McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) 3.1.0 (Broker, Java client, and C++ client)


DXL Brokers and Clients that are a greater version than the DXL Extensions may be incompatible and have functional problems, such as connectivity and policy update issues.

Example: After upgrading to the DXL 3.1.0 Client or Broker, policies fail to parse and enforce. A null pointer exception might be recorded in logs.


This issue can occur when you upgrade the DXL Broker or Clients to a newer version before installing the newer version of DXL Extensions.

Changes made to the DXL certificates in DXL 3.1.0 require that you install the DXL 3.1.0 Extensions before deploying any of the DXL 3.1.0 Client or Broker components.


Install the equivalent or greater version of all the DXL Extensions before installing or upgrading any other DXL components. DXL Extensions are backward compatible, but they are not always forward compatible.

If you have already experienced this issue, install/upgrade the equivalent or greater version of all the DXL Extensions.

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