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Threat Intelligence Exchange Server installation fails to retrieve FIPS Mode
Technical Articles ID:   KB89133
Last Modified:  7/13/2018


Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) Server 2.0.x


The TIE Server installation fails to retrieve FIPS Mode during the Agent initialization; no errors display.

The connection between the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server and the TIE Server functions correctly, and DNS resolution of the ePO server hostname also functions. During installation, after providing the ePO credentials, the installer prompts you to confirm the correct Certificate Authority (CA) is retrieved. Once you confirm the CA is correct, the installer will notify that it failed to retrieve FIPS Mode.

NOTE: If there are other connection issues in the environment, or your selected DNS server cannot resolve the ePO server hostname, this article does not apply.


Perform the following steps:
  1. Select the option to skip this step and continue with the installation.

    The installer displays a progress bar for Agent finalization.
  2. Connect to the TIE Server using SSH and log in with the account you created during setup (not the root account).
  3. Once successfully connected, run the following command:

    sudo reconfig-ma
  4. When prompted, type the root password you set.
  5. When prompted, type the ePO credentials.

    Agent initialization proceeds, correctly retrieving FIPS Mode of ePO. The TIE Server Installation completes successfully.

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