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Pin length changed from 4 to 6 after upgrading to Management of Native Encryption 4.1.1
Technical Articles ID:   KB89339
Last Modified:  5/15/2017


McAfee Management of Native Encryption 4.1.1

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update (aka RS2) and later
Microsoft Windows BitLocker

For details of MNE supported environments, see KB79375.


After upgrading or installing MNE 4.1.1, the ePO administrator is no longer able to select the expected BitLocker pin length of four (4) in the MNE Authentication Settings policy section.

After a new installation or upgrade of MNE 4.1.1 to a Windows 10 Creators Update system, the new minimum pin length is six (6).

The MNE 4.1.0 Product Guide (PD26394) states the following for BitLocker Product Settings policy options:

Minimum pin length  (4-20) - Enter the minimum PIN length from 4 to 20 that you would like to set for the PIN number


The minimum new PIN length was introduced by Microsoft for the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update release for BitLocker. This required a change in MNE 4.1.1 and later to support Windows 10 Creators Update to allow the MNE policy to support a fresh activation on this version of Windows and later.


On Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update or later, the minimum BitLocker pin length policy requirement will be 6.

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