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The policy collector task fails when deploying MOVE Antivirus Agentless in a vCNS environment
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Last Modified:  5/25/2017


McAfee MOVE Antivirus Agentless (MOVE AV Agentless) SVM 4.5.x, 4.0


The Policy Per Virtual Machine (PPVM) feature does not work. When manually deploying MOVE AV Agentless SVM in a vCNS environment, the policy collector task fails to create the following files:
  • oaspolicyaggr.xml
  • odspolicyaggr.xml


When manually deploying the SVM machine in a vCNS environment, the vApp Options of the SVM machine may remain in a disabled state. The vApp Options (Advanced) under VM options do not populate correctly. This is where information such as Product Name, Product Version, and so on is stored.

This information is used by the vCenter Connector to decide which hypervisor the machine is associated with. When this information is missing, the vCenter Connector will reflect the SVM machine improperly in the database and the isSVA (in the SVM system properties) displays as False. This causes the policy collector task to fail because it is unable to find the SVM machine.


NOTE: A zip file containing a series of screenshots is attached to this article. Reference these screen captures when performing the steps below.

  1. Manually enable the vApp Options from the Options menu of the SVM settings in vCenter Properties.
  2. Go to the vApp Options, Advanced.
  3. Populate the following information into the appropriate fields (refer to the screenshot named capture.jpg):
    • Product Name: MOVE AV
    • Version: 4.5.1
    • Full Version: McAfee MOVE AV 4.5.1[Agentless] Build 227.1
    • Product URL: http://www.mcafee.com/move
    • Vendor: McAfee,Inc.
    • Vendor URL: http://www.mcafee.com
  4. Click OK to save the setting.
  5. Synchronize the vCenter Account successfully in the Registered Server page of the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO).
  6. When the sync is successful, go to the SVM Machine system properties. Under the virtualization tab, verify that isSVA is true (refer to the screenshot named capture1.jpg).
  7. Run the Policy Collector Task:
    1. Go to the MOVE Antivirus Deployment Page in ePO.
    2. Navigate to Configuration, General, Server Settings.
    3. Run the Run Policy Collector Task (refer to the screenshot named capture2.jpg).
    4. When the task has completed successfully, wake up the agent on the SVM machine.


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