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Lotus Notes email no longer works after uninstalling VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 or upgrading to Endpoint Security 10.5.x
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Last Modified:  11/13/2017


McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.5.x
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8 Patch 1 - 9
IBM Lotus Notes


After you upgrade from VSE 8.8 to ENS 10.5.x, the Lotus Notes email client no longer works.

The McAfee_Endpoint_Security_Migration_McAfee VirusScan Enterprise_8 log may contain messages similar to the following:
MSI (s) (3C:3C) [18:35:22:047]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=DeleteLotusNotesFiles,,)
<= leave custom action EnableWindowsDefender()
MSI (s) (3C:3C) [18:35:22:047]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=DeleteLotusNotesFiles,ActionType=1090,Source=BinaryData,Target=DeleteLotusNotesFiles "c:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes",)

MSI (s) (3C:3C) [18:35:22:453]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=DefRemoveLeftoversDELETELOTUSFILES,,)
MSI (s) (3C:3C) [18:35:22:453]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=DefRemoveLeftoversDELETELOTUSFILES,ActionType=1026,Source=BinaryData,Target=DefRemoveLeftovers "c:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes",)


After you uninstall VSE 8.8, the Lotus Notes email client no longer works.





The following is extracted from the VSE 8.8 Patch 10 release notes (PD27206):

1199950 - An uninstall operation that repeatedly searches and replaces files in the Lotus Notes directory has been removed. Lotus Notes continues to work after VirusScan Enterprise is removed.

To review other known and resolved VSE issues, see KB70393.



Delete the following registry values before you upgrade to ENS or uninstall VSE:
  1. Press Windows+R, type regedit, and click OK.
  2. Check for the following registry values and delete the one that exists on the system:



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