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Endpoint Security Web Control does not support Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing sessions or starting iexplore.exe with the -extoff parameter
Technical Articles ID:   KB89458
Last Modified:  8/27/2019


McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) Web Control 10.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer


With ENS Web Control installed, you are unable to start an InPrivate Browsing session in Internet Explorer. InPrivate Browsing is an Internet Explorer feature that allows you to start a session that does not retain any browsing history. In addition, you are unable to start iexplore.exe with the -extoff parameter. The -extoff parameter allows you to start Internet Explorer without add-ons.


ENS Web Control uses browser extensions to take action in the browser. Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing and the -extoff parameter both disable browser extensions.


In ENS 10.5, Web Control Self Protection blocks the starting of Internet Explorer InPrivate Browsing or -extoff sessions to ensure that ENS Web Control is operational. In ENS 10.6 and later, the Web Control policy option Allow user to run Internet Explorer in extension-off mode is available to allow Internet Explorer to run InPrivate Browsing or -extoff sessions. If you enable this option, browser extensions and add-ons do not load. Although ENS Web Control is enabled on the system, it is not loaded in the browser and is not operational.

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