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Notifications are not being sent when an automatic mail notification rule is triggered
Technical Articles ID:   KB89777
Last Modified:  5/7/2019


McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint - all supported versions

For details of DLP Endpoint supported environments, see KB68147


You have created and enabled an automatic mail notification rule; but, notifications are not sent when the rule is triggered.


The From field is populated with an invalid email address. In the From field, a placeholder or a dummy entry of dlp@intel.com is present.


Update the From field with the registered sender in ePolicy Orchestrator:
  1. Remove dlp@intel.com from the From field of the rule.
  2. Navigate to Menu, Configuration, Email Server in the ePO console.
  3. Identify the email address of the registered sender in the email server configuration of ePO.
  4. Update the automatic mail notification rule with the registered sender email address identified in the previous step. 

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