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Comparison of the V3 DAT packages (Production, Pre-production, and Beta)
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Last Modified:  2/19/2019


McAfee Anti-Virus Scanning Engine 5.9.00
McAfee DAT files
McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention 10.x


The following table is a comparison of the V3 DAT packages.
Package (.0) (.1) (.3)
Designation Production Pre-production Beta
Description Production quality package for consumption by General Availability product versions:
* Consumer (Windows Security Suite)
* Enterprise (Endpoint Security)
* SaaS (Endpoint Security)
Production quality package for elective consumption by General Availability Enterprise (Endpoint Security) product versions Package for consumption by Beta product versions:
* Consumer (Windows Security Suite and Cloud AV)
* Enterprise (Endpoint Security)
Might contain new Content or Scanners, might have a throttle deployment period Might contain new Content or Scanners, deployed fully exposed Might contain new Content or Scanners, deployed fully exposed, but not necessarily of production quality or Change Management approved
Benefit   * Quicker deployment - A customer might switch to pulling V3 DAT updates from CommonUpdater3 for a period and then switch back to CommonUpdater or CommonUpdater2 at the end of a throttle deployment period
* Mitigate the randomness of throttle deployments 
* Evaluate the change during throttle deployment
A customer can field test new or additional components, not necessarily of production quality, with limited exposure (for example, only to Beta product versions)
Products * Endpoint Security
* Windows Security Suite
Endpoint Security * Cloud AV Beta
* Endpoint Security Beta
* Windows Security Suite Beta
Built Daily Daily During a Beta
Published Enterprise:
update.nai.com commonupdater update.nai.com commonupdater2
mcafee.com security-updates

The product downloads DATs via download.mcafee.com.

update.nai.com commonupdater3
beta updates
NOTE: McAfee only publishes DATs to this site when there is an active Beta product version deployed.

beta updates
NOTE: McAfee only publishes DATs to this site when there is an active Beta product version deployed.

The CommonUpdater3 site is used to publish pre-production engine and pre-production V3 DATs for customers that want to evaluate them in their environments. It also contains the V2 DATs and V3 DATs for ENS only. So, the source repository in ePolicy Orchestrator cannot be changed to CommonUpdater3 because other product resources are not present. The recommended action is to create a Pull task that pulls the .1 DAT content from the CommonUpdater3 site.

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