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How to prepare a McAfee Agent 5.x install package that is suitable to be deployed through a Group Policy
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Last Modified:  6/13/2019


McAfee Agent (MA) 5.x


This article details the steps to prepare an MA 5.x.x install package (MSI) that is suitable to be deployed through a Group Policy (GPO).

Before you configure a GPO, you must create the install package and test on a single client computer using the following steps:
  1. Create a shared folder with read and write permissions for all users. All users must be able to access this shared folder without being prompted for credentials. This folder must be in a permanent location because the MSI references this location to find the Sitelist when it installs the agent.
  2. Copy the Agent install package, framepkg.exe, to the shared folder.
    Framepkg.exe is stored in one of the repository branches on the ePO server, depending on which branch it is checked in to. The framepkg.exe in the ePO Current branch is located in:

    <ePO installed folder>\db\software\Current\EPOAGENT3000\Install\0409\Framepkg.exe

    NOTE: If the package was checked in to a different branch, change the path to the branch name from Current to Evaluation / Previous.
  3. Extract framepkg.exe into the shared folder and modify the MSI.

    NOTE: Framepkg.exe is a bundle package which includes the BIN files, sitelist, MSI files, and supported files. All these files are extracted to the shared folder. 
    1. Open a command prompt, navigate to the shared folder in the command prompt window, and run the following command:

      Framepkg.exe /gengpomsi /SiteInfo=\\<sharedpath>\siteList.xml /FrmInstLogLoc=c:\<logpath>
    2. ​​The MSI file is modified to add the path to the Sitelist.xml, and a log is written to the path specified. The 64-bit version of the agent must be named:

    3. To confirm that the MSI file was modified, make sure the time changed for this file.
  4. Copy the MSI file to a client system and install to test. If successful, the Agent is installed in Managed mode. Right-click on the McAfee shield icon and select About. The ePO Server or Agent Handlers appear in the Agent section of the window. The MSI file is ready to deploy through a GPO (Software deployment).

    You can now create a GPO software deployment to redirect the modified MSI file to deploy through GPO. To learn more about creating and using GPOs, see the following links:

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