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Windows and Linux container support with McAfee products
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Last Modified:  9/6/2019


Multiple McAfee products

Windows and Linux containers
Docker for Windows
Docker for Linux


The following products are supported on the host that is hosting the containers. In other words, these products do not restrict containers from being initiated and do not impede container functionality on the host. But, these products are currently not supported inside containers. In other words, these products do not support being installed inside containers, do not secure containers, and do not provide container visibility.
  • Application and Change Control 6.1.7 and later (Linux) - For instructions to install Application and Change Control on a Docker host, see KB90073.
  • Endpoint Security for Linux Firewall 10.6.0 and later (Linux)
  • Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention 10.6.0 and later (Linux)
The following products are currently not supported either on the host that is hosting the containers, or inside containers. McAfee is investigating these products to make them compatible with containers in the future.
  • Endpoint Security 10.x (Windows)
  • Firewall for Linux 8.x (Linux)
  • Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 (Windows and Linux)
  • VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 (Windows)
  • VirusScan Enterprise for Linux 2.x (Linux)

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