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McAfee Agent 5.5.x Known Issues
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McAfee Agent (MA) 5.5.x


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Date Update
June 24, 2019 Added reference 1248759 and KB91619 to the non-critical section.
June 18, 2019 Article KB91335 updated, leading to an update for reference 1253793.
June 13, 2019 Added references 1259765 and 1253793 to the non-critical section
March 21, 2019 Added references 1258321 and 1264004, resolved by MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1267991.
March 12, 2019 Added reference 1266600, resolved by MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1265215 (RTS) to the critical section.

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McAfee Agent Operating
Release Date
MA 5.5.3 Hotfix 1247836 (HF1247836) RTS 2 Windows February 26, 2019
MA 5.5.2 (GA) 1 - August 7, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1267991 (GA)
Windows, Linux, macOS March 21, 2019
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1265215 (HF1265215) (RTS).2 Linux March 5, 2019
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1249870 (HF1249870) (RTS) 2 Windows February 28, 2019
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1256658 (HF1256658) (RTS) 2 Windows, Linux February 14, 2019
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1264392 (HF1264392) (RTS) 2 Windows January 31, 2019
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1255966 (HF1255966) (RTS) 2 Windows, Linux January 8, 2019
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1249692 (HF1249692) (RTS) 2 Windows December 12, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1251374 (HF1251374) (RTS) 2 Windows October 31, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1256382 (HF1256382) (RTS) 2 Windows October 12, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1241166 (HF1241166) (RTS) 2 Windows October 10, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1242536 (HF12425360) (RTS) 2 Windows October 5, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1250620 (HF1250620) (RTS) 2 Linux October 5, 2018
MA 5.5.1 (GA) (Repost) - October 3, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1248290 (HF1248290) (GA) - September 11, 2018
MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1244953 (HF1244953) (GA) June 27, 2018 -
MA 5.5.1 (GA) March 25, 2018 June 12, 2018
MA 5.5.0 (GA) November 30, 2017 December 19, 2017
MA 5.5.2 is an Extension-only release that includes a product enhancement. No issues are addressed with this release.
McAfee investigated this issue and a solution is currently available. This solution is currently not generally available, but is in Released to Support (RTS) status. To obtain the RTS build, log on to the ServicePortal and create a Service Request (https://support.mcafee.com/ServicePortal/faces/serviceRequests/createSR). Include this article number in the Problem Description field.

See KB51560 for detailed information on release cycles.

NOTE: Any future product functionality or releases mentioned in the Knowledge Base are intended to outline our general product direction and should not be relied on, either as a commitment, or when making a purchasing decision.

Issue Description
1264004 SB10272 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: Incorrect buffer access vulnerability. Vulnerability in handling UDP requests (CVE-2019-3598). For more information, see the security bulletin in the Related Article column.
1258321 SB10258 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: Use After Free vulnerability (CVE-2018-6703). For more information, see the security bulletin in the Related Article column.
1266600 KB91329 5.5.3 5.5.3
Hotfix 1247836
Issue: MA 5.5.3 Smart Scheduler Extension can leak connections to SQL, and eventually sever the database connection.
1264392 - 5.5.1 5.5.1
Issue: McAfee Agent to ePO server connection timeout incurred during policy download. An increase of more than 30 seconds is observed.
1241166 - 5.5.1 5.5.1
Hotfix 1256382
Issue: The MA service stops after a system restart. Timeout Event ID 7011 is recorded in the Windows Event log.

Resolution: MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1256382 and Hotfix 1241166 include additional protection to its services. So, it is protected from any vulnerability encountered during service startup.
NOTE: Cumulative Hotfix MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1256382 supersedes MA 5.5.1 Hotfix 1241166.
Issue: Installations of McAfee products initiated from MA 5.5.1 on Windows operating systems can fail after a second exception occurrence in msiexec. If a debugger is enabled on the system, the chance you might encounter the issue is much more likely.
1201012 - 5.0.5 5.5.0 Issue: If a group policy for system shutdown is enabled on Windows operating systems, MA fails to close McTray.exe and prompts the UI to shut down the service manually.
1033211 - 5.0.1 - Issue: McAfee Agent might fail to detect the network on Windows XP Embedded operating system. Agent-server communication, and a product deployment or update, fails.

Resolution: MA uses System Event Notification Service (SENS) to detect whether the network is down. Enable SENS before agent installation.
1031482 - 5.0.1 - Issue: Update fails on a Windows XP Embedded operating system. The MA service might fail to start McScript if the Null Device Driver component is missing.

Resolution: Ensure that the Null Device Driver is installed before agent installation.
989030 KB82884 5.0.0 Expected
Issue: A blue screen error occurs during MA 5.x installation on Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows clients.

Resolution: Remove Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows before you install MA 5.x. See the related article for details.

Issue Description
1248759 KB91619 5.5.0 5.6.0 Issue: SMBIOS UUID value is returned as null, leading to an unexpected regeneration of the McAfee Agent GUID
1259765 - 5.5.1 - Issue: Agent to server communication fails on Linux clients after daylight saving time changes.
1265215 - 5.0.0 5.5.1 Hotfix
Issue: [Linux] Process crash issue (segfault errors) seen when processing McAfee Agent information.
1249870 - 5.0.6 5.5.1 Hotfix 1249870  Issue: McAfee Agent allowed unauthorized access to the McAfee Agent "AgentEvents" data folder on a Windows operating system.
1247836 - 5.5.3 5.5.3
Hotfix 1247836
Issue: McAfee Agent Smart Scheduler and Smart Scheduler catalog settings did not adhere to ePO permission set settings. 
1262832  - 5.5.1 5.5.1 Hotfix
Issue: [RHEL 7.2] Segfault error recorded during a system startup.
1256658 - 5.5.0 5.5.1 Hotfix
Issue: Sens APIs do not report the correct network status in a closed network. A DAT update is not tried, even when the network connectivity is available.
1255966 - 5.5.1 5.5.1 Hotfix
Issue: Updates or new deployments fail when you use a SuperAgent and the network connection is interrupted. The interruption causes the partially downloaded file to be appended and not replaced, which breaks the update or deployment.
- 5..5.1 5.5.1 Hotfix
Issue: Files are signed with an SHA256 digital signature only.

Resolution: McAfee Agent files are now dual signed with an SHA-1 and SHA-256 digital signature.
- 5.0.6 5.5.1
Issue:  McAfee Agent fails to detect the change in IP address of the Windows client during event generation. Thus, the incorrect IP address is displayed in the event file.
1251374 - 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: CPU affinity for McAfee Agent processes is set to exclude CPU 0 if the client system has multiple CPUs.
1256382 - 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: MA service fails to start after a system restart. Windows EventViewer records the following when it stops McAfee services during reboot:
  • Service Control Manager
  • Event ID: 7036 
  • The McAfee Agent Service service entered the stopped state.
  • The McAfee Agent Backwards Compatibility Service service entered the stopped state. 
Resolution: At system restart, the McAfee Agent service is configured to start with a delay.
1244355 KB90911 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: When the MA debugger is enabled on the system, McAfee Agent could fail to install McAfee products after a second exception occurrence in msiexec.
1251034  - 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: Agent-server communication failure because the cabundle certificate file of MA was corrupted because of an abrupt system shutdown. 
1256136 - 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: Intermittently, MA properties in the ePO console show as blank, when MA failed to collect its properties.

Resolution: Now, when the property collection failure is encountered, MA retains the previously reported properties.
1242536 - 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: Intermittently, while it sorted repositories, the MA failed to collect its properties. As a result, the SuperAgent property was reported incorrectly. Specifically, the SuperAgent repository was not reported as a Distributed repository in the ePO server. Now when this property collection failure is encountered, MA retains the previously reported properties.
1250620 KB90913 5.5.0 5.5.1
Issue: The McAfee runtime libraries RPM package, for example: MFErt-2.0-30.i686, claims to provide various system libraries in its RPM metadata. This bundling of system libraries is contrary to Fedora best practices.
1244953 -
Issue: Installed product properties are not reported to ePO if the product services are not loaded.

NOTE: This issue was previously resolved by MA 5.5.1 HF1244953, which was only released to support.
1153218 KB87705 5.0.2
15.4 and later)
Issue: Installation of or upgrade to McAfee Agent 5.0.2 and later results in intermediate certificates being installed in the wrong certificate store. This action could potentially cause problems on some IIS servers, which reject non-self-signed certificates in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
Workaround: See the related article for details.
Resolution: Also resolved with:
  • Endpoint Security 10.2.1
  • VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Update 9
  • Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Update 9
1172436 KB88452 5.0.4 5.0.5 Issue: The IP address shown for some systems in ePO is all zeros (0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0)
Workaround: If possible, limit the number of IP addresses that are used by the affected systems to nine or fewer IP addresses.
1255115 - 5.0.5 and later 5.6.0 Issue: McAfee Agent reports incorrect operating system details for Windows Server 2019. It is reported as 2016 instead of 2019.  

NOTE: This issue is fixed with the release of McAfee Agent 5.6.0.
1220515 - 5.5.0 - Issue: The MA Smart Installer does not support configuration of a RelayServer through the command line.
1155972 - 5.0.5 - Issue: When the McAfee Agent mode is changed from 'managed' to 'self-managed' on Windows operating systems, EpoServerLastUsed and LastASCTime registry keys still contain managed information.
1168133 - 5.0.2 - Issue: If system time is changed while a task is in progress, the task is immediately freed up.
1253793 KB91335 5.0.0 - Issue: McTray crashes referencing faulting module gdiplus.dll when interacting with McAfee Agent tray icon.
NOTE:  This issue will be resolved in McAfee Agent 6.0, which is not currently available. This article will be updated when this release is posted to the Product Downloads site.
1174728 - 5.0.4 - Issue: Tasks are scheduled beyond the "until" time if:
  • The task is set to "repeat until" a specific date and time.
  • The clock shifts one hour ahead of the actual time because of Daylight Saving Time (DST) shifts the clock one hour ahead of the actual time.
1077826 KB85224 5.0.2 - Issue: Upgrade of McAfee Agent to version 5.0.x fails if the Prevent Programs Registering as a Service rule is blocked in the Access protection policy of VirusScan Enterprise.

Workaround: Disable the Prevent Programs Registering as a Service rule in the Access Protection policy for VirusScan Enterprise, then retry the upgrade.
1067653 - 5.0.1 - Issue: A duplicate node entry is created for a Linux system if you use McAfee Smart Installer to upgrade from McAfee Agent 5.x.x to McAfee Agent 5.x.x. 

Workaround: If you notice duplicate entries, schedule a server task to identify duplicate entries and delete the inactive node. See the ePolicy Orchestrator Product Guide for instructions to schedule a server task.
1040305 - 5.0.1 - Issue: Agent deployment tasks download the FrameworkConfig.zip and FrameworkInstall.zip files even though they are not used by agent deployment tasks.
1031325  - 5.0.1 - Issue: The next runtime of a task is not recalculated when you change the randomization interval value for a local task.
1029656 - 5.0.1 - Issue: A missed task does not execute if the task is scheduled to run repeatedly.
1024771 - 5.0.1 - Issue: Messages in Agent Monitor are not logged sequentially.
982072 - 5.0.1 - Issue: Customized policies are not enforced on clients while McAfee Agent is switched between modes (managed/unmanaged).
KB86939 5.0.0   Issue: On non-Windows systems, McAfee Agent 5.x is unable to listen for wake-up calls on ports lower than 1024.
Workaround: See article for details.
990577 KB82895 5.0.0 - Issue: Managed tasks do not appear in VirusScan Enterprise console after you install McAfee Agent 5.0.x.
Workaround: Restart the VirusScan Enterprise Task Manager (VsTskMgr.exe) when you create new managed tasks. See the Related Article for details.
989633 KB77630 5.0.0 - Issue: Incorrect system properties operating system Build Number, Total disk space, Used disk space, and Free System Drive Space are displayed in ePO for non-Windows systems.
934776 - 5.0.0 - Issue: When you compare client tasks in ePO, the output displays string IDs instead of the actual strings.
818917   5.0.0 - Issue: McAfee Agent upgrade from 4.6.x is unsuccessful on some Windows XP SP3 32-bit systems when Avecto Privilege Guard is installed and a reboot has not occurred since the Privilege Guard installation.

Workaround: Avecto Privilege Guard strongly recommends a restart of the system after installation. Or, restart of Avecto Privilege Guard allows a successful McAfee Agent upgrade.
1135834 - 5.0.0 - Issue: Policy changes are not applied as designed until the user logs on again or reboots the system for the Security Innovation Alliance partner product Avecto DefendPoint. This fact affects Microsoft Active Directory domain user accounts, and does not affect Windows local user accounts, for which policy updates still occur live.
1060850 - 5.0.1 n/a Issue: McAfee Agent fails to schedule the on-demand scan task post upgrade when VirusScan Enterprise is present.

Resolution: After you restart the system, McAfee Agent schedules the task successfully.
1070435 KB84917 5.0.1 n/a
Issue: The following error occurs when you use the Frminst.exe /forceuninstall command to uninstall McAfee Agent:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed"
Resolution: Run the Microsoft MSIZAP (msizap.exe) tool to remove the remnants of McAfee Agent 4.x.x. See the Knowledge Base article for details.
1131469 - 5.0.3 n/a Issue: If you change the system time multiple times, the next agent-server communication interval (ASCI) time value is printed incorrectly in the McAfee Agent Status Monitor. This incorrect value has no impact on the ASCI. 

Resolution: On the next scheduled ASCI, the time value is corrected automatically.
- KB87110 5.0.2 Hotfix 1110392 and 5.0.3 and later n/a Issue: After you perform the following installation sequence, the system is vulnerable to the trusted access bypass vulnerability described in SB10151 after the McAfee Agent upgrade:
  1. Install McAfee Agent 4.8.x and Host Intrusion Prevention 8.x or Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.x (or both) on the client.
  2. Upgrade McAfee Agent to 5.0.2 Hotfix 1110392 or 5.0.3 (and later).
Resolution: Restart the system after you upgrade McAfee Agent to completely mitigate the trusted access bypass vulnerability in this scenario.
1109811 - 5.0.2 Hotfix 1110392 and 5.0.3 and later n/a Issue: McAfee Agent 5.0.2 Hotfix 1110392 and later, which uses SysCore and later, fails to install on Windows 7 operating systems. 

Resolution: Install the Microsoft fix documented in https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2328240 before the McAfee Agent installation.
1175956 KB88972 5.0.5 n/a Issue: VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8.0 Update 4 and earlier does not whitelist McAfee Agent executables. Access Protection hits are generated for masvc.exe if VSE 8.8.0 Update 4 and earlier versions are installed.

Resolution: Restart the client after you install VSE 8.8 Update 4 or earlier.
1181853 - 5.0.4 n/a Issue: The macOS computer hangs and McAfee Agent does not respond for about five minutes when the following conditions occur in the listed order:
  1. You enable Endpoint Security for Mac (ENSM) Threat Prevention On-Access Scan (OAS).
  2. You upgrade to macOS to version 10.12.3.
  3. You upgrade McAfee Agent.
Resolution: The McAfee Agent process, Macompatsvc, takes some time to start if ENSM Threat Prevention OAS is enabled. Wait for the McAfee Agent process to start after the operating system upgrade, and then perform the McAfee Agent upgrade.
965063 KB82896 5.0.0 n/a
Issue: The McAfee Agent 4.x logging policy does not migrate to the 5.x remote logging policy.

Resolution: Update any existing McAfee Agent Logging policies to the new settings. For more details about the new settings, see PD25187.
953245 KB83195 5.0.0 n/a Issue: A Program Compatibility Assistant pop-up window displays when you close SmartInstaller.exe installation windows for McAfee Agent 5.x on Windows 7.

Workaround: You can safely ignore the pop-up window and select The program installed correctly to close the window. See the Related Article for details.
- - 5.0.0 n/a Issue: The agent monitor displays an 'Agent service is now stopped' status.

Cause: A restart initiated by group policy is applied to clients with McAfee Agent 4.x.x. This restart changes the McAfee Agent Backwards Compatibility Service state from manual to automatic.

This issue also occurs on a fresh installation of McAfee Agent 5.x when there is a Group Policy set to enable McAfee services, or any other third-party application that does the same.

Workaround: Disable this group-level policy on systems that run McAfee Agent 5.0.0 and later because McAfee Agent now has an automatic recovery mechanism when stopped unexpectedly.
- KB85870 5.0.0 n/a Issue: McAfee Agent or ePO installation fails with the following error when KB3072630 is installed:
Error 1911.Could not register type library for file C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\ComponentUserInterface.dll
Resolution: Verify that Microsoft Windows updates KB3072630 and KB3139923 are both present and installed on the impacted system. See the Related Article for details.
- KB83123 5.0.0 n/a Issue: A compatibility issue exists with third-party "hooking" applications when SysCore 15.3 is installed.

Resolution: See the Related Article for details.
1263311   5.6.0 Expected
Issue: McAfee Agent 5.6.0 compliance with Section 508 of the Disabilities Act is not compatible with third-party screen narrator tool such as JAWS.

Workaround: McAfee Agent 5.6.0 compliance with Section 508 of the Disabilities Act, is compatible with Microsoft Narrator.
- KB90077 5.5.0 Expected
Issue: McAfee Agent update policies appear incorrectly after you upgrade the MA extension from 5.0.x to 5.5.0, or when policies are imported.

Resolution: This issue relates to web browser caching. See the Knowledge Base article for details.
1044276 KB85762 5.0.1 Expected
Issue: The McAfee Agent Backwards Compatibility Service is not protected by VirusScan Enterprise if the agent's self-protection policy is disabled.

Resolution: To protect McAfee Agent Backwards Compatibility Service, always enable the self-protection policy for McAfee Agent.
1035603 - 5.0.1 Expected
Issue: Intermittently, McAfee Agent on Mac OS X fails to collect and send properties to the ePO server.

Resolution: On the next agent wake-up call, McAfee Agent collects and sends the latest properties to the ePO server.
972679 KB82897 5.0.0 Expected
Issue: McAfee Agent 4.5 upgrades to 5.x are not supported.
Resolution: You must remove all McAfee Agent installations earlier than McAfee Agent 4.6 or upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.6 Update 3 before you upgrade to McAfee Agent 5.x. See the Related Article for details.
n/a - not applicable. Resolution did not require an MA-specific solution.
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