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How to update Advanced Threat Defense 4.2 using the application RPM
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Last Modified:  1/11/2018


McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) 4.2


McAfee has released an update for ATD using an RPM file.

NOTE: After the successful installation of the package, ATD will reboot.

There are two ways to update the application software package, Automatic and Manual.
Automatically download the latest Application Software Package:
  1. Log on to the Advanced Threat Defense web interface. 
  2. Allow automatic Application Software Package downloads:
    1. Click Manage, Image & SoftwareContent Update.
    2. Under Auto-Update, select Allow Automatic Update and click Apply
    3. When you see a Success message displayed, click OK
  3. Install the Application Software Package:
    1. On the Advanced Threat Defense Dashboard toolbar, click the Update available alert message. 
    2. In the Content UpdateApplication Software window, locate the new Application Software RPM Package and click Install next to it. 
Manually upload the latest Application Software Package 
ATD allows you to import a maximum of two versions of the Application Software Package. The latest uploaded version is the Current upload by default, and renders the previous upload as Backup. The Application Software Package designated as Current is applied.

To manually upload the Application Software Package:
  1. Log on to the Advanced Threat Defense web interface.
  2. Click ManageImage & SoftwareContent Update
  3. Download the Application Software Package:
    1. Click Contact Support/ Download from McAfee Download site using your Grant ID
    2. On the Content UpdateManual Content Update, click Browse, then select the Application Software RPM Package file.
    3. Click Upload
  4. In the Success message, click OK.

To check the Application Software Package version: 
  1. Log on to the Advanced Threat Defense web interface.
  2. Check for the version in either of the following ways:
    • In the ATD manager, check the MATD Version.
    • Click ManageImage & SoftwareContent UpdateApplication Software.
      You see that the Application Software Package designated as Current is applied. 

      • As of December 21, 2017, the latest version is
      • To reinstate the Backup file as the Current file, click Revert.

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