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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint console does not display in Managed Features of the McAfee Agent tray icon menu
Technical Articles ID:   KB90264
Last Modified:  7/20/2018


McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint (DLP Endpoint) 11.0.x, 10.0.x
McAfee Agent (MA) 5.5.0, 5.0.6, 5.0.5
Microsoft Windows 10


When DLP Endpoint 10.0.x or 11.0.x is deployed to Windows 10 systems, the DLP Endpoint console does not open or is not displayed in the MA tray icon menu.

NOTE: If the system is not rebooted after the initial deployment, the console can be opened. If the system is rebooted, the console might not be visible or is unable to be opened, despite displaying as an available option under Managed Features.


The MA plug-in address and menu ID for the DLP Endpoint console falls in a range of 25000–26000. MA does not see this address range and menu ID properly.


This issue has been resolved in McAfee Agent 5.5.1. Upgrade to this version of McAfee Agent if you are experiencing the issue described above.


In DLP 11.0.300 and later, the DLP Console can be started directly from the DLP install directory on the client system.

The DLP DiagTool can be used to view policy revision. In later versions of DLP Endpoint, the DLP DiagTool is located in the DLP Endpoint install directory on the system. For older versions of DLP Endpoint, this tool is available on the McAfee Download Site. 

​In addition to using the DLP DiagTool, the console can be displayed by clicking an End User Notification when a rule is triggered. Sometimes, the console can be started through the MA tray icon, when signed in as domain admin or when running in safe mode.

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