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List of Network Security Platform attack signatures that are permanently removed from the Signature Set
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Last Modified:  11/27/2018


McAfee Network Security Platform Signature Set (sigset) Releases


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As third-party software reaches the end of its life cycle, the McAfee signature team permanently removes signatures covering these products from the Network Security Platform sigset.

The following table lists the removed signatures and coverage:
Date removed Product information Signature list
November 27, 2018 https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN28776.html 0x40235900  HTTP: Yahoo Messenger AudioConf ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
0x4023d300  HTTP: Yahoo Messenger YVerInfo.dll ActiveX Multiple Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
0x40E01600  IM: Yahoo Messenger Alive
0x40E04B00  IM: Yahoo Messenger File Transfer
0x45d05400  YAHOO: Messenger Webcam Heap Overflow
0x42c01700   IM: Yahoo Messenger Server Lookup
November 27, 2018 https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-28987797 0x40E04C00 IM: MSN (.NET) Messenger File Transfer
0x42c01500  IM: MSN Messenger Server Lookup
November 27, 2018 http://www.meebo.com/ 0x42c03f00   IM: Meebo Access Detected

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