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FAQs for McAfee Enterprise Support App
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Last Modified:  12/13/2018


Who is this app for?
This app is intended for current McAfee Business and Enterprise customers who are using the ServicePortal to create and manage Service Requests (SRs) with Technical Support.
Customers can use this app to receive real-time status updates to their SRs as our Support Staff updates them. Customers can also use this app to provide quick updates to their open SRs. These updates enable Technical Support Engineers to focus on troubleshooting and resolving the issues without delay.

App Compatibility:
  • Android Versions - 7, 8 and 9 (pie)
  • iOS Versions – 10, 11 and 12

Where do I find the McAfee Enterprise Support Mobile App?
The McAfee Enterprise Support Mobile App is available on two platforms.
  • Android - Android Phone users can download and install the "McAfee Enterprise Support" App from the Google Play Store.
  • iOS (iPhone) - iPhone users can download and install the "McAfee Enterprise Support" App from the Apple App Store.
What functionalities are available in the McAfee Enterprise Support App?
Customers can log in to this app to:
  • View a list of all their Service Requests with McAfee.
  • View the details of those Service Requests.
  • Update Open Service Requests on the go.
  • Receive a Notification when a McAfee Rep updates a Service Request.
  • Close Service Requests that have been addressed to their satisfaction.
What functionalities are not yet available from the McAfee Enterprise Support App?
The current version of the app does not have the following functionalities:
  • View Lab Submission or Malware Service Requests. You can currently only view product SRs.
  • View Service Requests created by other users from the same Organization. You can only view SRs that you created.
McAfee customers can log in to the app using the same login credentials they use with the McAfee ServicePortal.

Customers who have an Active Grant number can register themselves and create an account in the McAfee ServicePortal in a few minutes.

To register or to reset the password, use the link on the login screen.

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