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Network Security Manager and Network Threat Behavior Analysis installation software images will be removed from McAfee Download server on May 31, 2019 (MySQL to MariaDB Transition)
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Last Modified:  5/28/2019


McAfee Network Security Manager (NSM) 
McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis (NTBA)


On May 31, 2019, all existing NSM and NTBA software installation files will be removed from the McAfee Product Downloads server. 

The MySQL database is replaced with a MariaDB database in upcoming NSM and NTBA releases. Older versions of NSM and NTBA software using MySQL will be removed from the Download Server and will no longer be available for download after May 31, 2019.

If you already have an existing NSM or NTBA installation, or downloaded the current install packages before May 31, 2019, this change has no impact on you. Also, if you have previously downloaded an older installation package for NSM or NTBA that contains MySQLdb, McAfee recommends that you retain it. You can then use it to reinstall NSM or NTBA, if the need arises.
Upcoming NSM and NTBA maintenance and hotfix releases ship with, and install, an updated database - MariaDB. 

Network Security Manager
NSM Form Factor Operating System Database in use after 31 May 2019
Physical Appliance (NSM-STND-NG, NSM-GLBL-NG) Windows 2008 R2 MariaDB
Virtual Appliance Windows 2012, 2016 MariaDB
Physical Appliance (NSM-MAPL-NG) MLOS MariaDB
Virtual Appliance MLOS MariaDB

McAfee recommendations:
  • If you are planning upgrades, download all versions of NSM software needed for update to 9.1 or 9.2.
  • If you are running 8.1, 8.3, or older versions of 9.1 and 9.2 manager software, download software files needed for upgrade before May 31, 2019
For more information about recommended upgrade paths, see the version-specific release notes. Release Notes are available on the Product Downloads server.

9.1:  NSM (9.1 Update 5) software was released on May 14, 2019 and ships with MariaDB. This version will remain on the Download Server beyond May 31, 2019.
9.2:  There are no current versions of 9.2 NSM software with updated MariaDB. Version 9.2 Update 3 is tentatively scheduled for July 2019 and will ship with MariaDB.

Network Threat Behavior Analysis:

For both physical and virtual NTBA appliance customers, we recommend customers planning upgrades to download all versions of NTBA software required for update to 9.1.
For more information about recommended upgrade paths, see the version-specific release notes. Release Notes are available on the McAfee Download Server.

9.1: There are no current versions of 9.1 NTBA software with updated MariaDB. 9.1 Update for NTBA is tentatively scheduled to release in Q3 2019.
There are no current versions of 9.2 NTBA software. 

NOTE: NTBA 9.1 with MySQL will be the only supported version for migration to NTBA 9.1 with MariaDB. Customers using versions older than 9.1 on NTBA must prepare to migrate to the latest NTBA 9.1 version containing MySQL and download all NTBA software required for migration before May 31, 2019.

NOTE: Any future product functionality or releases mentioned in the Knowledge Base are intended to outline our general product direction and should not be relied on, either as a commitment, or when making a purchasing decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to install an older version of NSM or NTBA, or reinstall my existing version of NSM or NTBA, for disaster recovery purposes? Or, what if I need an older copy of NSM or NTBA which was removed from the McAfee Download Server?

You will not be able to download any version of NSM or NTBA after May 31, 2019, that contains MySQL. Upgrade paths are defined in the release notes for 9.1 and 9.2 software versions. Versions of NSM and NTBA with MariaDB will be released in Q2 and Q3 2019. Software images can be downloaded before May 31, 2019.
Can I contact Technical Support for an older version of NSM that includes MySQL after May 31, 2019?
No. McAfee will not distribute or provide a copy of NSM or NTBA that includes MySQL after May 31, 2019. 

Can I continue to use and install an older version, downloaded before May 31, 2019?  
Yes. You can continue using any NSM or NTBA software installation that was downloaded before May 31, 2019.

Do I have to uninstall any versions I already have running?
Any versions that were previously installed do not need to be uninstalled. McAfee recommends that you plan upgrades to the latest release and download all required copies of NSM and NTBA software that might be required for your upgrade.

Why is there a change from MySQL to MariaDB?
McAfee has decided to move to MariaDB across all its products, and Network Security Platform is adhering to these compliance requirements.

If an earlier version of the NSM, such as version 8.1, is still used in production, will such customers be provided a version of NSM with MariaDB?
There is no plan to provide a hotfix or another release of NSM version 8.1 with MariaDB. Instead, McAfee recommends that all customers migrate to NSM version 9.1 or 9.2.

NSM version 8.3 is end of life while version 8.3 Sensor software is still under support. Does this mean that MariaDB will be provided to customers who want to remain on NSM 8.3?
There is no plan to provide a version 8.3 NSM with MariaDB. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to NSM version 9.1 or 9.2.

Will I have access to sensor software images on the Product Downloads server after May 31, 2019?
Only NSM and NTBA software will be removed from the Product Downloads server on May 31, 2019. All other software for Network Security Platform, including sensor and virtual IPS images, will continue to be available beyond May 31, 2019.

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