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File is locked by another user (when you access a file on a network share that is incorrectly left locked by another computer)
Technical Articles ID:   KB91553
Last Modified:  5/24/2019


McAfee File and Removable Media Protection (FRP) 5.x


When you try to open a Microsoft Excel file from a network share, the system returns the following error:
File is locked by another user

The following conditions apply in this situation:
  • Two users are trying to open an FRP encrypted file from a network share.
  • Both users (User A and User B) have FRP installed on their computers.
  • User A has highlighted the file several times on the share (user only selects the file but does not open it). 
  • User B tries to open the file from another computer. Excel returns that the File is locked by another user.


The issue is encountered with any program that opens an encrypted file on a network share and memory maps it. This issue is seen because FRP has a Virtual File System (VFS) that is not closing the file after actual file closure. This behavior is because of the way FRP integrates with the operating system memory manager.


Technical Support is investigating this issue. As a temporary measure, implement the following workaround.


The lock state is automatically restored after 15 minutes, and does not generate the error.

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