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Last Modified:  5/9/2018


Whether you need clarification on how to perform an action with a product, or to resolve a mission-critical situation, McAfee is committed to ensuring that our customers have the best possible customer experience.

As part of that commitment, McAfee will be launching in mid-May several enhancements that will improve your experience with McAfee Support.

These enhancements include: The remainder of this email provides more detail on these enhancements -- scheduled to go live on May 13, 2018.

Single Case Owner for Your Service Request
When opening a new Service Request via our ServicePortal or calling in by phone, the Technical Support Engineer assigned to your case will remain your point of contact on that case until resolution is reached.

This enhancement will:
  • Result in your Service Request having the same Support Owner from time of creation to resolution.
  • Through active collaboration with subject matter experts instead of escalation to other team members, result in a more consistent, comprehensive and timely resolution to your Service Request.
  • Reduce the need to repeat actions or explanation of the issue due to a consistent, single Support contact owner for the duration of your Service Request.
When your Service Request is created, it will be assigned to a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) that will be with you through every step of assessing, troubleshooting, and resolving your Service Request.

The Technical Support Engineer will provide you with meaningful responses to your Service Request, which will information to allow additional troubleshooting and clear follow-up dates on when to expect further information from McAfee on your issue. This will continue until the point is reached that the Technical Support Engineer can confirm your issue has been resolved.

Should it be necessary to call the Technical Support Engineer assigned to your Service Request, McAfee will also be introducing improvements to the phone system in mid-May 2018.

These improvements will allow you:
  • When prompted by the phone system to enter in your Service Request number, connect you to the Technical Support Engineer assigned to your Service Request
  • If your Technical Support Engineer is not available, provide the opportunity to leave them a voicemail or choose to be routed to the next available Technical Support Engineer for assistance.

Service Level Severity Enhancements
This change will be from the current five (5) Severity Level ratings to four (4) Severity Level ratings.
The new Severity Levels are:

Severity 1: Severe Issue or Business Wide Impact
This is a serious issue that is interrupting or preventing business operations from continuing.
Example: “I have our ePolicy Orchestrator server that has lost drives. We are having difficulty with our DR backup and need assistance.”

Severity 2: Major Issue or Large Business Impact
This is a major issue where a large number of users are impacted but business is able to continue operating. 
Example: “I have our Amsterdam office of 200 users that are not able to update their DAT files and this is preventing them from getting on VPN from remote locations.”

Severity 3: Minor Issue or Small Impact
This is a minor issue or a small number of users impacted. Business operations can continue.
Example: “I have three users in one of our satellite offices that are intermittently unable to connect to the internet with McAfee Web Gateway.”

Severity 4: General Question
This is for questions without impact on business operations.
Example: “I need assistance in locating best practices for an ePO 5.9 upgrade.”

These changes will assist in streamlining and prioritizing your requests with our Technical Support Engineers (TSE) to deliver the best possible McAfee customer experience.

Submitting Service Requests with New Severity Levels
When a new Service Request is created, there will be several questions asked of the individual submitting the request that will help set the Severity Level. These Severity Assessment questions will eliminate your guesswork when selecting the appropriate severity level as they directly inquire about the type of issue, how widespread the issue is within your organization and what the impact of the issue is on your business operations.

These three questions will help define the severity of your reported issue. The questions will be the same regardless if the Service Request is opened on the ServicePortal or by calling a McAfee Technical Support Engineer.

The Severity Assessment questions that will be asked for every Service Request are:

What type of issue is this?
This question will help set the type of Service Request being opened. The options are:
  • Question/Request
  • Installation/Configuration
  • Networking/Performance
  • Product Error
  • Fault/Crash
  • Malware
How much of the organization is affected?
This question will help assess the scope of impact on the organization. The options are:
  • None
  • Isolated | less than 1%
  • Scattered | 1% - 10%
  • Substantial | 10% - 30%
  • Widespread | 30% or more
What is the impact on your business?
This question helps to assess the business impact on the organization. The options are:
  • None
  • Partial
  • Major
  • Stopped
The answers provided will set the initial severity of the Service Request.

Opening Severity 1 or Severity 2 Service Requests via ServicePortal
The changes to the Service Levels and Severity Assessment Questions will also enable McAfee to introduce a Service Request support enhancement, in mid-May 2018, that will allow you to submit high severity, defined as Severity 1 or Severity 2, Service Requests via the McAfee ServicePortal.
  • The process for submitting a high severity issue will remain the same as submitting for all other Service Requests to ServicePortal
  • If the Service Request is assessed to be Severity 1 or Severity 2 during the creation process, the submitter will be directed to call their regional Support number
  • By entering in the Service Request number that was just created and assessed to be high severity, customers will be prioritized to the front of the product phone queue
Submitting Service Requests of any severity online will result in faster engagement with the enhancements that are taking place in mid-May 2018.

For Service Requests that are high severity, the benefits of opening online before calling McAfee Support are:
  • Opening the case online allow for detailed error messages, logging and screenshots to be attached which will allow Technical Support Engineers to engage immediately when receiving your call to review and provide meaningful guidance on the issue
  • Opening high severity cases online and providing the Service Request number for the high severity case will result in prioritization to the front of the impacted product phone queue.
  • Opening the case online ensures that right skilled Technical Support Engineer is engaged to help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Customers who do not open their case prior to calling McAfee Support, or do not provide their Service Request number when prompted in the phone system, will not be prioritized in the phone queue.

Continued Improvements to Your Customer Experience
These enhancements are only a few of the enhancements that McAfee is making, or have planned, to improve your customer experience. We continue to look at improvements that provide the ability for ease of interaction and faster resolution to any issues you encounter.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions: https://support.mcafee.com/webcenter/content/conn/enterprise-content/path/Enterprise%20Libraries/sp/WebContent/ProgramsAndPolicies/3939_0518_us_faq-corporate-support-enhancements.pdf

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