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McAfee SNS Weekly Roundup (September 11)
SNS Emails ID:   SNS1611
Last Modified:  9/12/2018


McAfee SNS Weekly Roundup

September 4 -10, 2018 

The following list includes the subject lines of all SNS Notices sent between September 4 - September 10. Click the title to read the full notice.
  1. SCAP Content Package 1247 Available for Policy Auditor
  2. McAfee Active Response 2.3.0 Hotfix 3 Now Available
  3. Network Security Signature Set Release Bulletin (
  4. SCAP Content Package 6005 Available for Policy Auditor
  5. McAfee 6000 Anti-Malware Engine RC is Now Available
  6. Security Content Update 767 for Threat Intelligence Exchange
  7. Vulnerability Manager FSL Content Update (September 6, 2018)
  8. REMINDER - Microsoft Windows 10 Fall release compatibility with VSE, HIPS and SAE
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End of Life Notices
The following End of Life (EOL) notices include those that have been previously announced and are republished here as a courtesy reminder. See the Product Lifecycle page (http://mcafee.com/us/support/support-eol.aspx) and any provided article links for details.
To receive information about McAfee product updates, sign up for the Support Notification Service at https://sns.secure.mcafee.com/signup_login.

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September 11, 2018

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