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McAfee SNS Notice: Chrome Blocking Feature available with the release of DLP 11.3
SNS Emails ID:   SNS1966
Last Modified:  4/30/2019


We, at McAfee, are always trying to do the best for our customers and that to us, means listening. To this end, we are re-introducing functionality supporting the blocking of Chrome file uploads in the DLPe product. This feature will provide blocking capability for all Chrome versions; there will be no need for an updated offset.xml file for each new Chrome release.

Here, we are faced with a dilemma – when exactly to release this feature. McAfee’s public policy and commitment to customers is to include features in a minor or major release only. To keep our word, we have decided to move-up the release of our next minor version to enable customers with this much awaited functionality. 

However, as we will have two almost identical versions available, we have decided to retire DLP v11.2 and replace with DLP v11.3 as soon as it is released in May (RTS) and GA in June.  The only difference in the versions is the Chrome blocking support and DLP into MVision Cloud Integration Classification feature. As the most recently released minor version, early retirement of v11.2 (as opposed to another version) will have the least impact on our customers. 

If you are currently considering upgrading to DLP v11.2, we kindly ask you to please wait a few more weeks for the release of DLP v 11.3 so that you can benefit from the new feature and future updates.

If you are currently running DLP v11.2, you may continue to do so; support will assist with troubleshooting any issues encountered. However, any hotfixes if needed, will be based on DLP v11.3. Likewise, future update releases will be based on DLP v11.3. Upgrading to DLP v11.3 follows the standard upgrade process. We will offer assistance to any customer that requests help with the upgrade process. 

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to your support account manager or sales representative with any questions you may have.

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April 29, 2019

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